Hi!  I'm Laura, lead photographer and owner, of One Lens Photography.  I love adventure, travel, trail running, dogs, and all the baked goods.  What do I think about weddings?  I believe that every wedding story is different: Some are modern, suspenseful and dramatic, while others are elegant, laid back and classic.  Weddings can be highly emotional, or, they can be the biggest party of your life! It's your wedding. It's your story. And it's my job to tell that story.  I use a combination of lifestyle and journalism styles to document your day.  What does that mean?  I live for real moments of all kinds, but I also like a gorgeous pose in a sweeping landscape.  I'll pose and direct when needed, but at your wedding, I'll most likely blend into the crowd, and discretely follow the action. That's how I'm able to catch all those great candid moments that are the basis of any great story. 

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*Although based in Los Angeles I do travel for destination and out of state weddings. Please inquire about associated travel fees.