Hi!  I'm Laura, photographer and owner, of One Lens Photography.  I started photographing weddings in 2008 in NYC before relocating to the west coast for the weather, the mountains, and the sea.  I love travel, adventure, trail running, dogs, and all the baked goods.  I've photographed weddings in all kinds of locations, from the urban jungles of NYC, to the actual jungles of Mexico and just about everything in-between. I mesh particularly well with fun, adventurous and down-to-earth couples, who like a good dance party at their reception!  


What's your approach to weddings? 

Every wedding is unique and I pride myself on rolling with the punches.  I like the variety and uniqueness of weddings:  Some are modern, suspenseful and dramatic, while others are elegant, laid back and classic.  Weddings can be highly emotional, or, they can be the biggest party of your life! It's your wedding. It's your story. And it's my job to tell that story. 

Why Photography?  

When the wedding over and the guests go home, the food is eaten, the flowers get thrown out, and the decorations go in the attic.  Photos are one of few lasting tangible pieces of your wedding that will take you back in time so you can experience your day again and again.  Paying for a quality, professional, and experienced wedding photographer is one of the best decisions you can make.  My services are priced to reflect a professional, accessible service.  A lot of time, effort, and cost goes into making your images art:  I use top tier, industry leading equipment for quality and reliability, I personally photograph your wedding and individually edit all your images, I'm fully insured, I use a 3 part backup system for all your images, and I'm experienced.

What can I expect on my wedding day? 

My photography style an be best described as a mix of Lifestyle and Journalism. What does that mean?  I live for real moments of all kinds, and I'm first and foremost a storyteller, who will capture your day as it unfolds.  Most of the day, I'll be discreetly following the action.  However, there are many variable in a wedding day, so when needed I put on my Lifestyle hat.  This means, I'll help recreate an action or a moment so it looks natural.  For your romantic photos as a couple, I'll also direct you: I'll pose you, you'll interact, and we'll explore the landscape. Even when posing, I'm always looking to create images with a natural, effortless aesthetic.

Do you photograph other things, or just weddings?  

Part of the reason I like capturing weddings is because they offer variety.  In that same vein, I also do commercial photography (Sports/Fitness, Lifestyle, Travel) for businesses and advertising agencies. (www.lauracasner.com if you want to take a look).  I love having a foot in both worlds because my experience in each ads value to all my services. 


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* In order to give each wedding my full attention, I accept a maximum of 10 weddings per year.  Please inquire about your date!

*Although based in Los Angeles I do travel for destination and out of state weddings. Please inquire about associated travel fees.